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Edlin Kitchen

custom confections

by Amber

Rineyville, Kentucky

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Rineyville, KY

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The Story

It's not a fairytale

As a teen, I found my love for baking. I saw how happy it made people, how it brought them together.. and the challenge in the unlimited variety was warmly welcomed. I started with baking cupcakes for friends on their birthdays or local bake sales.

As I grew older, sweet turned to savory, as I started making meals for my family.

I still loved the celebratory aspect, so when I met my significant other, I quickly became the voluntary host of Thanksgiving dinner.

Somewhere along the line, baking sweets became a fond memory.

That was something that could be bought, or others could bring.

When my son had his first birthday, the urge to bake again arose. I wanted to truly celebrate him, to me that means to stress myself to the limit and DIY EVERYTHING.

I tried to bake cupcakes, and his first birthday smash cake.. it was a disaster, and a good thing his would in fact be smashed. I can say that with a smile now. I ended up throwing the cupcakes in the trash and his dad saved the day with only a couple of hours to spare before the party by buying store-bought.

Not the kind of story you expected, right?

But, I tried again. If you're passionate, and driven, even in something that seems small, try again. It was easy to never bake again with so much being readily available. I remembered that at one point, this was something I really loved, so I practiced recipes, timing, etc. every holiday, gathering, or as a "just because" gift until one day I realized, this was it. I found my passion that I had once lost & as you're reading this on the Edlin Kitchen website you can see I ended up -turning that passion into my career.

Don't give up.